Our first weekly blog

Well hello! welcome to our first weekly blog! This week at the gallery we may have been lacking customers but we have been busy getting on with jobs. Abi has just finished a large commission piece (its a surprise birthday present so we have to be a bit secret squirrel about it until the grand reveal!). We also got a commission for a gift for a Wiccan Witch luckily we have a stock of various bones, glass eyes and other witchy bits and so a fantastic piece of mystic art was created. I have been busy painting Colour My Gozo’s and have a new Coral Garden clay work on the bench (its a long slow project mainly because it is a bit monotonous to make) but I’m now at the painting stage which is much more fun.

Next week is the start of San George feast so hopefully we will see a few more customers and the normal summer buzz will come back to our very quiet street! Mind you it wasn’t very quiet today when the Street Nanna’s tried to linch the meter reader. Poor Godwin was backed into a corner with lots of wagging fingers and raised voices, I’m not sure quite what he had done (or not done) but he lived to tell the tale (although he will probably need a very strong drink tonight!).

A Sneaky peak at Abi’s commission
The start of a new Coral Garden
New Colour My Gozo on the bench

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