Blog Week 2

Another quiet week customer wise in the gallery. The lack of tourists really shows and we haven’t even had many Maltese tourists either. We have been keeping busy though! You may have seen our Zazzle shop is now up and running (you can find it here we have also installed Abi’s large commission with the help of Dave Morgan. It was very large and very heavy and it had to go up quite high up the wall. The mosaic was a surprise birthday present so lots of secret squirreling was going on.

Abi’s mosaic in its final resting place!

Craft classes have been busy this week we have run 2 classes a day this week. Our youngest crafter this week was the lovely little Mae at 2 and a bit she made a wonderful gluey tree and had great fun! its still seems strange only teaching classes of one or two children. We won’t be able to change back to our normal crazy drop in classes until social distancing is completely dropped, so for the moment we just have to get on with it!

Francesca’s Tree

We also started the 3 large Colour My Gozo Commissions which we will be continuing to paint all of next week (they are big!)


Its the feast of San George this weekend so lots of bell ringing and some of the streets are decorated (not as much as in normal years) but the street should be busy today with lots of locals heading to the square. lets see what next week brings!

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