Well Hello!

Sorry for the radio silence for the last few weeks, we have had a lot to sort out!

The gallery doors are now closed, which is sad but in a way gives us a fresh start to try new things, spread our wings and think about the world outside Gozo.

We have just launched our Etsy shop (if you click the button by magic it should take you there!) and we are busy stocking the shop with all our smaller items which means international shipping is now just one click away!

We are also busy stocking our Website shop with all our larger pieces of work and trying to make the webpage as much like visiting the gallery as we can (you may have to add your own sound effects as I haven’t figured out how to add laughing and chatter yet!)

We have an exhibition booked at the Citadel in October with lots of new Gozo themed pieces of work. For this exhibition we have the wonderful Penny Brennan joining use with her beautiful, vibrant paintings, Julie and Karen from Gozo Rocks with lizards and other treasures and Helen Anderson from Hel.a.Craft with her amazing, textural, colourful felt work. More details to follow soon!

We have also had conformation that we have been accepted to Malta Artisan Market and we will be in Malta with them at the end of September again more details to follow soon!

And we have started children’s craft again in Emma’s studio on her roof!

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Now can you see why I haven’t blogged for a few week!


Pass the gin!

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Oh noooooo, makes me so sad to hear you’ve closed your doors but so happy I got to go there in 2018, meet you and buy a great hunk o’ art! Sadly, my purchase is currently languishing in storage as I’ve been displaced by COVID! But yay, you’re on Etsy!! Pass the gin indeed!!!!

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    Hi Benna, I hope your artwork has a new home soon! We are busy stocking our Etsy shop there is still a lot to put on as it takes a long time to photograph and catalogue everything but we will get there!!
    Emma x

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